Chicago High School Replaces Gym Equipment with Nintendo Wii Stations

Chicago, Ill – – Chicago’s George Washington High School is the first in the nation to bring its gymnasium into the 21st century by replacing all of its gym equipment, including balls, bats, paddles and nets with two big-screen Nintendo Wii Stations with virtual a personal trainer. The idea spun out of Michelle Obama’s drive to make the nation’s youth more active and stamp out the growing trend toward juvenile obesity.

Students at GWHS will now suit up and satisfy their weekly fitness quotas by standing in front of the screens located at either end of the gymnasium. The primary fitness program used will be the new Wii Fit.

However, to make things a bit more interesting, certain games will be interspersed between the Wii Fit program, making this the first gymnastic program in the country to include cross-country skiing, bowling, water polo, big game hunting and more.

If this pilot program is a success, and everyone thinks that it will be, the trend is expected to spread across the nation. Some of the top educators in the country believe that this program will not only get our youth more interested in exercise, but it will teach them life skills they would otherwise not have gained by throwing around a medicine ball or playing duck, duck goose.


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