Child Protective Services Crackdowns on Tater Tots, ‘Baby Back’ Ribs

SACRAMENTO, California (GlossyNews) — The California Department of Social Services launched the biggest child abuse crackdown in the agency’s history. Citing various infractions of both state and federal laws, the enforcement division of the CDSS, the Child Protective Services (CPS). often called the Goon Squad, made simultaneous raids at various homes and business locations across the state. Over 735 people were either arrested or taken into protective custody. Reportedly, up to 74 ‘Tater Tots’ were also taken into protective custody by agents who acted in the knick of time, just before they were to be eaten.

Acting on the Governor’s orders to step up enforcement of child abusers and to protect the lives of younger citizens, the Governor also promised a speedy indictment and subsequent trial of all guilty parties.

“We need to protect our most vulnerable citizens, both young and old, from the pain of abuse and neglect.”

The Governor also pledged to crack down on all restaurants that serve ‘baby back ribs’ citing the brutal practice ‘must be halted and to allow our state to step into the 21st century.’

Recent confiscations of on the shelf, ready to eat products labeled as ‘ baby food and childrens’ portions,’ were removed as evidence in in the recent crackdown.

In recent years, organizations that cater to various anti-meat eating campaigns have vowed to ‘shut down’ the state’s restaurants unless they removed all meat, poultry, and seafood items from their menu offerings. In lock step with other goofy supporters, the Governor has pledged his support.

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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