Roque LA Officer Chris Dorner Proposed NRA Speaker

In a move that is even stunning for the NRA, a speaking offer has been made to former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner to speak at the next NRA convention.

The decision has many inside the organization questioning the overall impact it will have on their current negative publicity.

RIGHT: Former officer and future NRA spokesman Chris Dorner.

Wayne Lapierre has spoken to many members of the executive board and has fully endorsed this decision. His apparent lack of sensitivity for fellow human beings is driven by his desire to show that guns don’t kill, people kill people.

Several members of the executive board have already expressed their approval of Dorner’s speaking engagement based on the fact that he is reported to have used a weapon that would be considered an “assault” category firearm. Legendary rocker, and pro-death activist Tedd Nugent is reportedly among those who are very interested in hearing Mr. Dorner’s thoughts on violence in America and what can be done to prevent it.

Security recommendations have been submitted to the board to ensure the security of Mr. Dorner should he accept this offer. Those with close knowledge of the situation have said that it appears they are treating this very seriously since many in law enforcement have taken a dim view of Mr. Dorner’s recent activities. They have not seen security this tight since the release of the last Solomon Rushdie novel on Scientology.

The next national convention for the NRA is scheduled and there are many of us hoping that it may very well be their last.


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