A Message From The Upper 1% To You Remaining 99% Lesserlings


We, the 1% of this nation and others in this world that truly control what goes on inside our societies have taken the time to write to you little people who make up the other 99% of the citizenry.

You should be thankful. We rarely take the time or the danger of sullying ourselves by dealing with you lesserlings.

In truth, we are making this condescension in order to let you people know your place. You might as well get used to the idea that we run things now and have for a long time.

Your “democracy’ that you so lovingly scream about is now a plutocracy, a system run by financiers. For years now your ‘Land of Liberty’ has been exchanged for a ‘Land of Libertines’ – namely us.

Like it or not, we are the upper class, your ‘Lords’ you might say. Quite simply we have the wealth, we have the power and we have the control, therefore you do as we say from here on out because we can crush you mercilessly.

Let us remind you it was not an easy path to get to this state. It took decades of behind the scenes wheedling and scheming to get us to this lofty position; things your imaginations and experience cannot fathom.

That is exactly why we were able to achieve this imposing position; because we can imagine and manifest it and you could not.

We still have more goals to achieve. We would like a social hierarchy as entrenched as that of the Hindu’s in India; a caste system so expertly stratified that every peasant knows his place and does his job without looking up. The only difference is that instead of five classes of differing values and wealth, we want only two classes- us and you as the slaves to us.

Of course you will technically not be slaves really. You will still get a certain amount of money, but a carefully crafted amount that is enough to keep you alive but always so perilously close to homelessness and hunger as to make you a more enthusiastic and loyal worker/slave and thereby manipulable.

You will be the new untouchables- working to survive so that we may dine on the true fruits of your labors. You don’t need any such luxuries, they would just be wasted on you.

You need just enough to keep your body functioning for the work we need done and not an iota more so that you will always be just hungry enough to remind you of your need to continue working to survive.

Do not think this is easy for us to carry out. We must keep constant vigilance over you to make sure you are doing your jobs and not interfering with our schemes.

Discontents must be imprisoned or suppressed and you taxed to pay for this. And we must always work hard to make sure your attention is diverted away from the real causes of your misery onto some objective whipping boy like an enemy in a foreign country or a malcontent in our land who has the nerve to go against the grain we establish. It is not a simple task for us to maintain.

So go back home tonight and get a bit of sleep. We will expect you at the first of your two or three jobs tomorrow that you perform to maintain some pittance of near decent living and work hard as we expect you to….change that to ‘demand’ that you do.

Remember not to question anything we ask of you. Things will go easier for you that way. Don’t try to change things.

Or else…

The 1% Upper Crust

Author: rfreed

I was born and I died. Being a disembodied entity makes it very cheap for me to get by. Not having to worry about eating or having a place to live gives me a lot of freedom to squander my time writing occasionally funny articles. See more almost funny stuff at http://inyear252509.wordpress.com/

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  1. (Labored Breathing): “I want the plans to the Death Star…and for you to wear proper underwear. Damn, Leia, have some dignity!”

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