Breadfeeding: What You Need To Know

All across America, parents and their newborns have been latching onto the breadfeeding craze by using an excavated recipe from the ruins of the now extinct restaurant chain, the Olive Garden.

Many are being cautious with the new formula as they are supplementing their current nutritional plans with the fattening butter and garlic recipe made famous by Olive Garden’s once refillable breadstick baskets that came complimentary with the purchase of any entrée or as part of the soup, salad and breadstick option that was only available for lunchtime dining.

Following a report made public last week by the American Health Association and printed exclusively in Time Magazine, there are many factors involved with breadfeeding that parents need to consider for the wellbeing of their children.

What is breadfeeding?

Breadfeeding is the act of utilizing the delicious taste and nutrients from the former Olive Garden breadstick recipe as part of an infant’s diet.

Why should I consider breadfeeding?

The fattening butter found in the breadstick recipe contains the ideal amount of amino acids and triglycerides that a newborn infant needs to have in their diet. Milk has the same ingredients, but the concentration found in the water-in-oil emulsion is much stronger in the breadstick recipe. The garlic content is also extremely high, which helps a newborn’s immune system fight off various viruses and diseases such as influenza, heart palpitations, common colds and hybreadrathyroidism.

What are the dangers of breadfeeding?

The key danger is newborn addiction. Doctors and nutritionists have described the taste of the butter and garlic mixture as so overwhelmingly delicious that they fear the newborns will grow up to crave the Olive Garden breadstick, which is no longer available as the restaurant chain went extinct in early 2014. A recommended mixture of fatty milk and breadstick extract is recommended to combat the addiction that can occur with overfeeding.

How much of the garlic and butter solution is available in each breadstick and what is the daily feeding recommendation?

This all depends on the emulsion level of the breadstick being used. The level of garlic butter can be anywhere from 1-3 cups per breadstick and nutritionists recommend a 2 cup-per-day diet for newborns between 3 weeks and 2 years old.

Where can I obtain these breadsticks?

Breadsticks with the garlic butter formula are available at pharmacies everywhere with a doctor’s prescription and can also be delivered to your door by visiting However, a doctor’s prescription is also required for home delivery.

How much does this solution cost?

When purchased in 1 month increments, the cost comes to a little over $13/day when purchased at your local pharmacy. The price increases to about $15/day when delivered to your door.

Although the breadstick recipe is not currently covered by independent insurance plans, President Breadack Obama has submitted a proposal to be voted upon as part of Obamacare to have them accepted as of Febraury 1, 2015.

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