Satanist Claims Satanist Not A Satanist

Lucien Graves, spokesperson and Grand Goat Master for the Horned and Cloven Hoofed Tabernacle went on record yesterday claiming accused “Craigslist Dexter Killer” Miranda Morgan was just a cheap poser and a hack.

Morgan was arrested Monday in the killing of 52 year old Clam Paws after he responded to a Craigslist ad placed by Morgan offering sex for $100 from a 16 year old girl.

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She claims she was spurred on by her Satanist Church in which she had been a member since the age of 13.

“First, she says she killed 22 people and for a fully participating coven witch of 19 that is fairly unspectacular.

“Second, she only kills adult pedophiles and rapists when it is well known Satanists prefer virgins and Department of Motor Vehicle employees…which is usually a two-fer.

“Third, we always video our killings and put them on YouTube. Not one video or pic of her activities has been found. Not even a selfie. Where’s the selfies Miranda! Huh? Where’s your goat head and leggings?”.

Law enforcement is busy trying to confirm Morgan’s claim of at least 22 victims spread over several states.

“She didn’t even drink their blood. Seriously, is this a joke or something?” said Graves.

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