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Study: Gun Advocates Commonly Cowards?

Study: Gun Advocates Commonly Cowards?

A recent study conducted by the NRA surprisingly finds instances of gun ownership are tied directly to those prone to acts of cowardice.

The study surveyed 924 gun owners and asked them a variety of questions, and included 323 non-gun owners as a control group.

When the question was asked “Would you stand up to a bully in the street?” 84% of gun owners said “yes”, but when asked if they’d do so without a gun, the number shrunk to just 14%, compared with 42% of non-gun owners.

When asked if they’d confront an intruder in their house, 94% of gun owners answered yes, but that number shrunk to 30% when asked if they’d do so without a gun. The non-gun owners held steady at 38%.

“The conclusion is clear,” said Harold Greene, a licensed firearm instructor in Dallas, Texas. “More people need to have guns so less people are cowards.”

While the math makes no sense, one fact is undeniable; many use guns as extensions of their machismo, and failing to have that handy, they resort to being what experts call “total pussies.”

While having a gun in your possession may not actually make you brave, and statistics have shown it’s more likely to result in your own death than if you didn’t have one, one thing is clear. Gun owners have every right to keep and bear arms, but gun nuts are dangerous and the scum of the earth.

EDITOR’S NOTE: All you gun nuts responding to this in the comments, you’re going to be featured in an upcoming article, so please choose your words as carefully as you are able.


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