Woman Sues Gigolo for Nonperformance

Vail, Col – GlossyNews.com – Bernice J. Sommerstein has sued ski instructor and self-proclaimed gigolo, Brad Chadley, for failing to perform according to an oral agreement entered into following Sommerstein’s ski lesson on February 3, asking $250 in monetary damages and $1 million for “extreme emotional distress”.

“Somebody should do something about these good-looking ski guys who prey upon us unsuspecting housewives,” says Sommerstein, who by most accounts, was not preyed upon.

“In my own business, which is running a pet spa, if somebody turns over a dog to me, I take care of that dog. I expect the same treatment when I fork over my own money to another professional person, even if it is a gigolo. I gave payment for services to be rendered and no services were rendered, far from it, which cost me not only money but also a personal scar on my emotions.”

The defendant has not yet hired an attorney to represent him and has failed to respond to several Glossy News emails and chat invitations.”

Editor’s Note: We may have established with Mr. Chadley via Chat Roulette, but the exchange was deemed unsuitable for publication. That may say much about Mr. Chadley, but it might say the same about our editorial staff, so we’ll just let that sleeping dog lie.

Author: Will Johnson

Will Johnson operates several e-commerce websites and writes stage plays in his spare time. Will is editor of News-Ruse.com.