China Lays Blame for Lunar Disaster On Female Driver

At a press conference Saturday China announced its lunar mission was in danger and appeared to lay blame on it’s female rover.

The rover, named Yutu and translated as “Rickshaw Woman”, got off to a rocky start when it overshot its landing zone by 3400 miles. Yutu was supposed to land on the visible side of the moon but ended up far away on the cold, dark side.

Senior project Director Wee So Fukt stated “Yutu was given the directions but she must have got confused and ended up on the wrong side of the moon.  Everything was optimal until the rover landed in the wrong place and Yutu seemed to go frigid, get a headache and shut down” said Fukt.

Mission Specialist Se-Mi Cand added “Yutu wasn’t prepared for the challenges.   If we had sent a man this probably wouldn’t have happened.”

The Lunar Mission was a first for China and included state of the art technology such as disc brakes and an automatic transmission.

photo credit: scorbette37 via photopin cc

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3 thoughts on “China Lays Blame for Lunar Disaster On Female Driver

  1. He wouldn’t have stopped, he would have kept orbiting the moon until he saw a landmark he recognized.

  2. Funny pic. Good story, but the part about the mission making it had a man been driving makes me wonder where in the hell he would have stopped to ask for directions after he got lost? I mean, I’m pretty sure they don’t have gas stations in space….yet.

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