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Origin of Everything Is NOT Magical (comic)

Origin of Everything Is NOT Magical (comic)

There’s a lot of magical thinking going on these days, especially in America… but what if I told you that there are some fairly natural, reasonably well understood mechanisms for just about everything that has brought life to where it is today?

Well that’s the world we live in. You won’t hear about it in church, it’s counter to their millenia-old Bedouin urban legends and fairy tales.

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I spent 20-years in Bible study. I never learned one thing about science. Once doubt crept in, I spent about 10-hours straight on this novel little thing called “the internet” and I learned more about the Bible than I had in my whole life.

They don’t teach the contradictions, the petulant massacres, the injustices and the things that would give you doubt. They exist. Oh boy do they. They’re right there in the book you carry with you to church every Sunday.

This comic is not about doubting religion, it’s about supporting science… and I welcome your criticisms in the comments below.


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9 Responses to “Origin of Everything Is NOT Magical (comic)”

  1. RegRod says:

    Found this from Reddit. It was already pretty brutally downvoted. Whatever, I think it’s pretty cool even if the math is a bit suspect.

  2. I like the over simplification. its like a power point to convert creationists. like an intro to existence presentation.

  3. jeff boldt says:

    well, Brian, we can definitely agree on the title. :) and no “hate mail” here, just friendly discussion. and i think you know my question: if science tells us that ‘empty space’ cannot create matter and that matter always comes from something, why would the very beginning be any different? how could the beginning of the laws on which science are built be in violation of themselves at their own inception?

  4. Brian K. White says:

    This is not a known answer, but “because God” is patently absurd. There is an answer and we don’t know what it is, but as sure as the sun rises, it ain’t the Bedouin fairy tale wrath guy the Jews and Christians go on about. That joker has been proved a fraud a thousand times over.

  5. Brian K. White says:

    And by the way, did you even READ the comic??? Empty space DOES create matter. That’s precisely what it does. Empty space (total vacuum) creates matter. Something precisely comes from nothing. I listed all my citations.

  6. jeff boldt says:

    Yes, I read it but it doesn’t show how empty matter creates space. It shows what possibly happened after the matter was there. The first cited article confirms the first law of thermodynamics – that matter merely takes on different forms. There is no true vacuum in nature and it has never been accomplished in a lab. “Perfect vacuum is an ideal state of no particles at all. It cannot be achieved in a laboratory, although there may be small volumes which, for a brief moment, happen to have no particles of matter in them. Even if all particles of matter were removed, there would still be photons and gravitons, as well as dark energy, virtual particles, and other aspects of the quantum vacuum.” -Wikipedia

  7. jeff boldt says:

    The Big Bang points to a beginning of time and space and therefore to a “time” without time and “space” without matter (or a perfect vacuum).

  8. Brian K. White says:

    I’m not saying science presently has all the answers. We’ve only been asking these questions for the briefest blip in time. Even philosophy only dates back a few thousand years. Atomic science barely 100.

    My point is that “we don’t know what caused the big bang” cannot be followed with “therefore god did it.” Then who created god? He was always there? But before the big bang there was no time or space.

    I’m saying the creation story in Genesis in no way reflects our scientific understanding of why there is something instead of nothing. The point of the cartoon was mostly to tell people who believe in god because there’s something instead of nothing, that every year we close another gap in our understanding, and almost all of the gaps have been closed very quickly.

    And you’re wrong about the perfect vacuum. It has been created in a lab at a little place called Dyson. Check and mate!

  9. jeff boldt says:

    haha. nice. I bet Hoover might disagree with you on that one. I’m currently reading Dawkins’ God Delusion and I just finished Antony Flew’s There is a God. It’s an interesting response.


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