Stalker turns a woman’s hair into a diamond engagement ring

  • A woman meets her stalker face to face for the first time and he proposes with a diamond made from her hair.
  • Shockingly, she said “Yes!”
  • Two years later, they are still together with a baby on the way.

Melvin and Jerica are a happily married couple of two years with a baby on the way this summer. What’s interesting about this pair is how they got together in the first place.

A few things about their romance makes their story unique:

  1. A criminal history: Melvin habitually stalked Jerica for over two years.
  2. A unique proposal: Lots of guys look for interesting ways to propose, but to stalk someone and cut their hair to use for an engagement ring is a little over the top.
  3. Timely nuptials: Jerica accepted the engagement literally the same day that she met him in person and found out he had been stalking her. They officially tied the knot just a couple of weeks later. It’s now been two years since the wedding and they have a baby on the way!

Couple weds and has a baby on the way following bizarre stalking case

Interestingly, this weird and creepy story has a happy ending.

Melvin and Jerica came together as a couple under highly strange circumstances. It’s been nearly four years since Melvin first saw Jerica (which is when the stalking began). After nearly two years of stalking her full-time, Melvin worked up the courage to propose to his object of affection in a rather bizarre and frankly, criminal kind of way.

One night while Jerica was sleeping, Melvin slipped in through the window and tiptoed across the carpeted floor to her bed where he saw her fall asleep about three hours earlier. During her deep REM sleep, Melvin crept up and snipped off a decent-sized lock of her hair and snuck out the window without her waking up.

Security camera catches entire event on film

While Melvin got away with the crime Scott-free, little did he know that the entire thing was caught by a security camera that was mounted on the home just outside of her room.

When she woke up, she never even noticed the missing hair because he took it from the back of her head. With her gorgeous layered locks, you couldn’t even tell anything had been cut at all. She never reviewed the security camera from the night before, because, why would she? Nothing was off or out of place to her the next morning.

Stalker sends in hair to be grown into a diamond

In an incredible act of affection and adoration to his object of desire, Melvin took the sample of hair that he cut from Jerica and combined it with a lock of his own hair and sent it to Heart in Diamond to be turned into an authentic diamond.

You heard that right. Thanks to science, diamonds can now be grown in the laboratory setting under controlled environments which mimic the natural conditions and elements that are in play when diamonds are created deep within the Earth’s mantle.

All diamonds are made from pure carbon. This substance is found within anything organic, which includes samples of hair or cremated ashes, it just needs to be extracted first then exposed to extreme heat and pressure to become a diamond.

After just six short weeks, Melvin received the diamond made from their hair mounted in the beautiful engagement ring he bought to hold the stone (pictured below):

Melvin ordered this Gala 4-prong micropave 14k white gold ring setting for the engagement ring.

He pops the question and introduces himself

It was time. He was nervous but he did it. One evening as Jerica stepped out for her walk, she ran into more than she bargained for. A man was standing at the beginning of her path, kneeling down on one knee. Proposing to her!

A lot of explaining was due and he just came right out in the open with the truth and spilled the beans. He told her everything. About the stalking. The hair-cutting. The diamond. Everything. What was her reaction? She said “Yes!”

Jerica was just as crazy as Melvin

She ate up every last bit of the attention. So taken with how much time this man spent obsessing over her and going through this effort, even though he did what he did, she was still all about a relationship and a marriage.

Out of curiosity, she found the backup security footage from that date and played the tape where she clearly saw him enter her bedroom window, lean over her bed, then exit her window. Rather than pressing charges, she started making wedding plans instead.

Melvin and Jerica were kind enough to conduct an interview with us so that we could ask them some more questions about their curious beginnings.

Q. Where did you first see Jerica?

  • Melvin – “I saw her in the mall shopping for lingerie. I was walking through the Macy’s and she caught my eye. So I followed her in the store a bit and she went to the lingerie section. When I saw all the sexy lingerie she was choosing. I nearly died. Truth is, she took them to the fitting room and I panicked. I looked for a way to watch her in the women’s dressing room. The attendant at the dressing rooms ended up kicking me out of the store as they saw me trying to go into the neighboring changing room in an attempt to peek at her.”
  • Jerica – “Stop it! You did not.”
  • Melvin – “Seriously, though. I did!

Q. What is it about her that drove you mad?

  • Melvin – “Her hair was the first thing that I noticed about Jerica. It was so long, all the way down her back. She also had curls for days! But I can’t lie, when I saw her picking up strappy lingerie, I was picturing her in it and I knew that she had to be mine.”
  • Jerica- “That is so beautiful, baby.”

Q. When did the stalking begin and how long did it last?

  • Melvin – “As soon as she left the Macy’s that day, I was right outside in the car waiting for her. When she came out of the store with her shopping bag in hand, I sat quietly in the parking lot until she pulled out and I followed her. When she got home, I found what would become my new hangout for the next year and a hald to two years. You see, her house is set up so perfectly. Her bedroom window is positioned in such a way that there’s a line of bushes and a clearing where I could sit undiscovered for hours. That night, I watched her try on the new lingerie she bought at the store. When I saw her buy something so erotic and put it on to go to sleep alone, I was confused. Where was her man she was buying these to wear for? Turns out, she didn’t have a man. She just liked looking good and confident to go to sleep alone. To me, that kind of confidence and the fact that she was single, just sent me over the roof. I was in love. Hopelessly. Heads over heels. The whole nine yards.”
  • Jerica – “I actually had no clue that he was there. Ever. The entire time, I had not one clue.”

Q. Did you stalk anyone before Jerica?

  • Melvin – “I know a lot of people won’t believe it because they see what I did as sort of master-level crazy and super creepy, but the truth is, I have never stalked anyone else but Jerica. I don’t even call it stalking, I call it fate. I could not help myself. I was so incredibly driven to this woman and I had to be with her. Forever.”
  • Jerica – “See, it’s that right there that makes what we have so special.

Now, that’s love!

Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.

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