Greece Patents The Wheel

After Apple successfully suing Samsung for sharing the patented rectangle shape, the country of Greece has sought to ease their ongoing financial crisis by patenting the wheel.

The country could only manage to gain a patent over the everyday object in America were the US patent office stretches the very definition of the guidelines for a ‘novel and non-obvious idea’.

A spokesperson for the US patent office said that, in the case of Apple, the curving edges of the rectangular phone were so unique that they had to give Apple the patent.

He also said; “Business is booming for us right now; if it isn’t Greece asking for a patent on the wheel, it is kindergarten teachers patenting triangles. It really is a momentous time for inventions and new ideas.”

Asked how the office felt about the eyebrows being raised at how flippant they were to grant patents, he said “Well they will have to put their eyebrows back down or face being sued by a man in Florida who owns the rights to raised eyebrows.”

The news of Greece obtaining a patent on the wheel came yesterday to the cheers of thousands of Greeks who are excited over the prospect of owning the rights to such a simple, pre-existing design.

Greece now intends to sue every vehicle company in the world after gaining the rights; it provided general scientific, historical and anecdotal evidence that the ancient Greeks invented.

Japanese car-maker, Mitsubishi, has been quick to change the ‘wheels’ on their cars by creating a small indentation around the edge and is calling it ‘almost circular transport shape’ (ACTS).

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  1. Greece SHOULD patent the wheel! Why not, Apple patented rectangles with rounded corners, it’s not so ridiculous.

    Might help them fund their way out of their troubles… just saying.

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