Al Gore’s Zero-Carbon Auto Arrives in US; Pre-Sales Brisk

Detroit, MI – – Ex-Vice President, internet wizard, and noted global climate expert, Al Gore, has unveiled a unique total-green automobile offering that could change the way Americans drive.

In collaboration with Tata Motors of India, Gore has invented a revolutionary vehicle that runs entirely on body odor and emits only a fraction of polluting hydrocarbons. Gore has named the first model after himself, who, according to at least one licensed massage practitioner, has an untapped “wealth of body odor.”

In fact, Gore claims the Goremobile produces less pollution than a normal ACORN volunteer’s body odor during a typical summer day when sitting for a FOX News press conference. It was demonstrated by ACORN personnel who wore carbon monitoring devices during separate voter registration drives held within Sing Sing, as well as a large cemetery located nearby.

Gore claims, “All body odors seem to work as a means of fueling the Goremobile during driving activities. Flatulence, bad breath, smelly feet, and yeast infections seem to work best, but the stench of climate change denial works pretty well too.”

When asked about the company’s claims of a ‘revolutionary driving experience with a zero dependence factor,’ Gore clarified the statement with one of his own, “We encourage our buyers to continue with their normal non-hygienic practices to ensure our ‘zero dependence factor’ promise. The stronger the body odor, the better mileage you will receive and the less you’ll have to depend on traditional fueling methods.”

Gore plans to add additional models in other markets like California, New York, and Illinois. The company has already softened the entry into these markets by an aggressive advertising campaign that promises, “Skip the Saturday night bath, and drive all week for free!”

Author: Bargis Tryhol

Hello, I'm Bargis Tryhol and currently live somewhere in the southern part of the USA. I have been writing humor for quite a few years and love to make fun of the liberals who in recent years seem to be falling by the wayside in droves. My online following is fairly large now, so a big 'shout out' to all who have embraced my lopsided humor. I do appreciate the support. You can visit my website Satire World for more outrageous humor.... Comments or retribution?

2 thoughts on “Al Gore’s Zero-Carbon Auto Arrives in US; Pre-Sales Brisk

  1. I wish carbon-neutral automobiles were the thing of today. We need more investment. I thought the Japanese or Europeans would beat us to it, but seriously guys, isn’t it about time?

  2. Very cute! BTW? …”the stench of climate change denial works pretty well too.”
    Shouldn’t this be aimed at the other group and read as “the stench of climate change alarmism”?

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