Indian Space Probe Finds Water on Moon

A surprising amount of water has been found to exist on the Moon’s surface, especially so in the craters which have been discovered to contain muddy puddles just waiting to be drained and the liquid purified for drinking.

Data from India’s Vindaloo 1 space probe – which recently landed on the Moon for urgent repairs while on its way to Mars – shows the entire lunar surface holds molecules of aqua vitae in abundance which could be squeezed out to provide ample supplies of drinking water and also become the medium for irrigation projects once lunar farming takes off under Monsanto’s planned ‘Moonseed’ project.

The two on-board Currynauts – after bodging repairs to their spacecraft’s garam masala hot fusion tandoori nuclear drive engine and fixing the windscreen wipers – radioed the surprise discovery back to their base at India’s Cape Chapatti space centre yesterday.

The quantity of water is believed to increase closer to the Lunar poles – the very places the Apollo missions never bothered going after Neil Armstrong stepped in a puddle in the Sea of Tranquillity and got his socks wet.

Cape Chapatti mission chief Dr. Ramjam Jaffacake told Fux News “Well, there’s bound to be water of some kind there otherwise why did those regions of the Moon get named ‘Seas’.”

“Our Currynauts have found large lakes of frozen water at the Moon’s northern polar region so the next time we send a manned space probe we’ll be equipping the boys with ice skates, pucks and hockey sticks.”

Based on the Vindaloo 1 Currynaut’s findings it is now believed the NASA space agency probe that impacted the Cabeus A crater near the Moon’s equator last March and disappeared without a trace hasn’t actually become another X-File but more likely had really ’splashed down’ and sunk into the depths of the crater’s lake.

On the subject of X-Files Cape Chapatti today lost communications with the Vindaloo 1 Currynauts after they reportedly went ‘fishing’ in a nearby crater, with the final distorted radio message from mission leader Ratwat Bumsore stating “Hey, we’ve just hooked a real big one here” – followed by a series of horrendous screams and lots of splashing.


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