Hey White People! These are Things Y’All Need To Do Better (Another Eva Luxemburg Wokepost, Part 2)


History? Y’all are so busy trying to work out the ‘facts,’ that you got no time to work out the truth. Priorities, white people! Funny how, when people search for facts, you always end up getting partisan bullshit; while when I search for the truth, I always get the truth? Ever wonder why? Well, ain’t postmodernism just awesome!


Your hateful, made-up scientific racism claims white people are superior to everyone else. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! WTF, white people?! And then you dare claim that there is a difference between what is ‘scientific,’ and what is ‘pseudoscientific.’ Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! WTF?


Y’all keep gettin’ killed! LOL!

White people… SMDH.

Other stupid whitebro shit

And finally, here are four that really get me!


Being Gullible

Telling Other People What They Should Do

Stupid Satire

Cultural Exceptionalism

Oh, and this my absolute favorite:

Stupid-ass long-winded white people articles literally nobody reads

Oh and by the way, guess what?

I’m not actually a POC. I’m a straight cis-white female from California, but I’m trying to check my privilege to show you how different I am from all the other whities…

Oh wait, so now you say that’s opportunistic and hypocritical?

Look, the first thing you have to learn about SJWs is that you HAVE TO STFU AND LISTEN TO ME!



Urgh. Well, I think maybe I need a new career.


Eva Luxemburg


One comment on “Hey White People! These are Things Y’All Need To Do Better (Another Eva Luxemburg Wokepost, Part 2)

  1. There’s such a weird convergence between social justice warriors and white nationalists…
    Extremists of all stripes seem to have individualism. What wacko stuff have YOU seen this week so far online?

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