When Good Gods Go Bad? Hitch was Right About the Dalai Lama

The Hollywood Lama (not to be confused with his fellow idealistic cleric and theocratic wackjob, the recently deceased Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the Islamic State) is a plastic bonze; with a heart for the Dharma, and a stomach for good karma.
This glitzy celebrity showboater is the sexiest and steamiest man of the cloth since Ayatollah Khomeini.
And better still, at least for the sadly ‘cognitively diverse’ not-quite-intellectuals of celebrity spirituality, he has never once advocated chopping the heads off single mothers, or stoning gay people to death.
Well! What’s not to LA va-va-voom about that one, hm?!
There has been plenty of staunch criticism from riled-up Chinese patriots, and even an unrelentingly vicious takedown by the formidable English religious skeptic and journalist Christopher Hitchens.
See also old One Tongue Johnny himself!
And yet, the true believers of “H H” (not to be confused with the cheesy 90s boypop lad with a similarly edgy nickname) are unlikely to be swayed by any kind of rational debate.
For after all, if the brainwashed devotees of the Reverend Jim Jones, Muhammad and David Koresh stayed faithful to the bitter end, it is hardly to be expected that those who have gaily savored the bellicose bong of the Beltway bonze will come down from their cloud any time soon.
However, those who are more ambivalent or uncertain would do well to examine the Dalai Dingalow’s ruthlessly bellicose warmongering, shameless cheerleading for eugenical choice, and generally subservient slave morality before the mighty thunder chariot of the Axis of Incompetents.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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