Male Bonding Imbroglio Leads to Tragic Tussle with Transvestite

New Orleans, LA (GlossyNews) –A male bonding imbroglio has landed two fraternity boys in the clink for attacking a transvestite who stopped to ask them directions.

According to local Transvestite, Katrina Sapphire, it went down like this: “Girl-I was jus comin up the street here on the norf side of Central Abenue, when heya come dess two college boys and dey wuz all drunk and shit, lovins on each other, and so I starts thinkin to myself that maybe dey like some attenshun from a real woman-knows wha I mean? An so I stops to aks zem which way wuz da bus station when one of dem seez my big toe a pokin’ outta my sandal-and yes girl, I forgot to shave it-and he starts going off about my big toe bein all big and hairy and shit and da oder one stars wanten a kiss. Den da one goin off on my toe-he gets all jealous and hits me in da eye. Bout dat time da cops pull up and arrest dem two for tryin to beats me up-and all I wuz doin wuz aksin directions-can you baleeve dat shit? I guess a girl gotta be careful deez daze. She never know where she gonna end up.

Author: TawdrySoup.Com

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