Michael Savage is Really a Little Dick

Jacksonville, Ms (GlossyNews) — The fans of right wing talk show host Michael Savage are leaving him in droves upon learning that he is not really ‘Savage’ but actually a wienie. It was revealed today that his real name is Michael Alan Weiner.

Sponsors at the San Francisco radio station that air ‘Weiner’ are heatedly considering dropping the radio super star. “How can we have a guy with a sissy name like Weiner pushing our agendas for taking over the nation? Weiner sounds like the name of one of the Castro Street transvestite sluts!” said Marcus Bentmind, President of Americans For Controlling Everything. “We won’t keep our street cred with a name like that fronting us!”

Savage appears humiliated by the public discovering his secret. He sneaks into the back door of the station wearing a spy-like overcoat and dark glasses and refuses to speak to the press. Of course, in the past his interviews were never printable anyway due to obscenities and ethnic slurs.

Savage has already become the target of hecklers. Phone calls come in chanting “Neener, neener! You are such a wiener!” then hang up and people on the street sing “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner!” when they see him.

Savage’s real name was exposed when the British government banned him from England for being an agitator. This actually matters little as he probably wouldn’t have passed the rabies testing anyway.

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  1. Actually Devin, the article is quite real, you can even print it out and carry it around. Of course there may be a couple of small inaccuracies, but hey, that’s the breaks in investigative journalism…

    ~Reverend Mike

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