Fox News Signs Bristol Palin as Jr. Political Correspondent

Following the heels of her famous mother, Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin has reportedly been offered a Jr. Political Correspondent position at Fox News for an undisclosed salary.

Fox News would not confirm or deny the news, but instead offered this statement, “until we can confirm or deny this news, we cannot confirm or deny that Bristol Palin will be joining our news team as a Jr. Political Correspondent for the sole purpose of reporting on her mother, Sarah Palin’s, unconfirmed run for President in 2012.”

Author: P. Beckert

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6 thoughts on “Fox News Signs Bristol Palin as Jr. Political Correspondent

  1. “Good values”. LOLOLO>. Palin Sr, knocked up and had to convince one of the daddys’ to marry her to save face at her church. Daughter gets kocked up not once, but twice – giving birth to T-1 and T-2 just about a year apart. Palin Sr. fakes a pregnancy to save face in the GOP, and gives birth, after a 3 month speed pregnancy to a downs baby who is used mostly as a prop.

    She’s a farce, you know it and I know it.

  2. P. Beckert – Sarah set the bar so low that my cat can do it.

    Sometimes you HAVE to laugh when there is a dangerous lunatic running around loose.

  3. I’m sorry George, what made you so angry? The fact that Bristol Palin set up a corporation known as BSMP, LLC (Bristol Sharon Marie Palin) for the purpose of providing lobbying, public relations and political consulting services could very possibly lead to work at Fox News. You know how discriminating they are when it comes to who provides their commentaries.

    Perhaps I should give up writing and run for office. Sarah’s set the bar so low now that damn near anyone can do it.

  4. Give up writing! You are no good at it! Leave the Palins alone. They are decent Americans with good values. Very unlike you.

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