Dan Quayle Tweets Palin

Dan Quayle Tweets Palin

Famous potatoe man, Dan Quayle, known as “Tweety” on Twitter, came back into the limelight after virtual (actually that’s actual) obscurity to offer his help to Sarah Palin on the campaign trail. After reading a few of Sarah Palin’s latest Twitter comments, he left her a couple tweets:

“hey gurl, Tweety here. u sure r making the rounds. b sure to stay tru to urself and don’t give up.”

“hey gurl, Tweety here. avail 4 meet if u need advice on stay’n alive in polit world.”

“hey gurl, Tweety here. need job, u need vp?

“hey gurl, can we t mup?”

Palin responded to Qayle:

“leev me b. only dq I want is icy cold and dipt in sprinkls”

Author: P. Beckert

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