Piggy Adam Richman Mocks Critic; Beats Eating Crap Out of Him

Piggy Adam Richman Mocks Critic; Beats Eating the Crap Out of Him (Family-Friendly Censored Version)

Mr. Piggy Adam Richman, a titty overweight eater, who had his very own show on the Travel Channel mocked his “critics” by posting a comment, “Grab a razor blade and draw a bath.”

He later went on to apologize and calm the tits out of everyone before he went to panic mode. The stunt surprised everyone, given the fact that Adam only eats when he’s mad. Putting a comment such as may as well saved his life from another heart attack. Poor fatty.

The coaches over at The Biggest Loser also had a word on this. One of them stated, “Mr. Piggy Adam Richman is a very complicated man. One second he’s trying to eat your contestants and later you have him apologizing for being such a massive snatch. I mean, if this guy keeps this crazy stuff up, he might one day eat us all alive!”

Fearing for their lives, president of the United States, Prince Barack Hussein Obama, announced a national pandemic and urged its citizens and illegals to hide their children from this horrendous monster and stand their ground, except for Florida. Florida wasn’t advised.

Representative of Mr. Piggy, the McDonald’s Corporation, was outraged by such action taken by the president. But sadly, they were too afraid to call him anything because the NAACP could pull out the racism card. But don’t take our word for it, here’s some of their lines in McDonald’s statement made earlier:

“During the time Mr. Prince Barack Hussein Obama gave his outrageous speech and the time we got word of it, that fat pig has stopped buying our product! And since the president advised all of its citizens to go into hiding, who will take on the next roll as the fat ass? The world disgusts us.”

Just as our monkey journalists had predicted, Piggy Adams Richman committed suicide days later. He was put to a breaking point, unable to go on in life. He was put a test by the fate of God himself and couldn’t handle such a mighty task. Or it could have been that the was simply lying down, tried to get up which led to his titties suffocating him. Yeah, let’s go with that.


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