Republicans Earn Oscar Nod for ‘Best Act Put On By A Political Organization’

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Committee has nominated the Republican Party for a special judges Oscar this year, ‘Best Act Put On By A Political Organization.’

Mrs. Tallulah Bankaccount, head of the board overseeing nominations, stated “The Republican Party has for decades put on a show of pretending to be in harmony with the interests of democracy while actually gutting all rules of checks and balances and concentrating power towards their interests. They have also taken upon themselves an incredible aura of religiosity while actually harboring some of the worst conniving hypocrites around.

“They have, especially in the last ten years, surmounted to the higher levels of political office by almost sheer audacious artistry and nerve. Their success in setting up a front man as President whose only purpose was to detract attention to himself while the behind-the-scenes men pillaged the economy, ransacked international law and shredded Constitutional rights was a performance right up there with the best of the Macbeth’s.

“Many feel they are deserving of the Oscar for this performance alone”.

Also noteworthy was the tear-jerker performance by John Boehner, upon learning that even a dark-skinned minority leader like himself could one day soon have a position of great power in one of the world’s greatest governing bodies. Boehner has not been singled out for any award, but he already looks like a golden statue.

Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell both won awards in the Special Oscars. The nomination alone means that they are winners, because in the Special Oscars, everyone is a winner.

The Democratic Party has also been nominated for special Oscars in the categories of Best Acting Like They Know What The Hell They Are Doing (formerly won by Keanu Reeves,) and Best Writing (for drafting the Republicans’ 2010 stump speeches.

Author: rfreed

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5 thoughts on “Republicans Earn Oscar Nod for ‘Best Act Put On By A Political Organization’

  1. Oh come on you partisan jerkfaces. Every party does it. Do NOT blame Baner for being caught up in th emoment, he was really moved. Get real.

  2. Uh, yeah, that’s an artifact of the editing process. We don’t always have the time to, but whenever possible we like to give stories that extra little something to push them over the cliff, as it were.

  3. dang pretty, just like a Rembrandt painting! Ms. Bankhead has always been a personal fave of mine.

    Pointing out that Boehner already IS a golden statue, very inspired there! He just is a funny color; I think he eats too many carrots.

    Think you might be subject to the Windfall Comedy tax penalty on that one.

    Nice touch too, giving Dems a ‘best supporting’ nod for essentially writing 2010 GOP speeches. Lots of self-serving spin going on right now, but it is what you wrote Rfreed. Dems made some Gallipoli class tactical errors and lost faith of the unaligned middle.

    GOP better watch out; the middle is fickle.

    Sterling job of writing Sir; bully job there! I’m inspired to dash off a couple of scribbles now.

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