NBC to Debut OH MY GAAAWWWWD in Fall TV Lineup

A “unique” new NBC TV series to debut in the fall is entitled, OHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWWDDDD!!!, and will air every night of the week with a different format each night. For example, Monday nights will allow viewers to witness a facial makeover that will include three OHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWWDDDD!!! moments: One when the makeover candidate is introduced, one during the surgery and another when the makeover is revealed. Other programs include the before and after weight loss of a human leviathan, a horrific true life crime drama, a house makeover and numerous shows with giveaways and bizarre contests.

The most interesting feature about the new program series is at the end of every week the home audience can vote on which program deserves the most face-slapping, eye-popping, hair-raising OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!! When the winner is announced, the winning show participants will stand on a stage and scream at the top of their lungs, to the delight of the home viewers, “OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!!”

Tapping into a society whose language has degraded to the point where all anyone can say is, “OH MY GOD,” when confronted with anything surprising, repulsive or new, the producers of OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!! are planning numerous spin offs and merchandising opportunities. A three movie deal is in the works where movie audiences are exposed to a splattering of numerous R-rated OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!! scenes. A sneak preview reveals one scene where a naked Hindu man with three penises and an extra buttock wins a billion dollars and is immediately mowed down by machine gun fire. Then there is a clothing line that involves skimpy tight clothes for overweight women and odd-fitting clothes for old men. Even a line of OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!! lead-based toys for ages 0-3, that fall into tiny pieces at the touch of tot’s hand, are being rushed to market

To top it all off and to show the powerful marketing machine that is available, an OHHHHH MMYYY GGGAAAWWWDDDD!!! restaurant chain is being planned that will “have you blowing from both ends within four hours after eating“ according to insider documents. When asked to comment on this latest in a series of Television master moves by NBC, the Corporate CEO would only issue one comment, “OHHHH…”

Author: TawdrySoup.Com

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