Comedy Central Pseudo News Anchor and Pundit Confirm DC Rally

On September 16th, Jon Stewart officially announced the Million Moderate March, a “Rally to Restore Sanity”. The event will coincide with Stephen Colbert’s “Stephen Colbert – March to Keep Fear Alive!” rally. This means the passionate, coordinated campaigns of Reddit and have actually done the jobs they set out to do.

The production cast and crew from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will already be in Washington DC from Monday the 25th through Thursday the 28th.

The twin events were announced on the September 16th episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. The goal is to bring a voice back to the moderates of America on the steps of the National Mall in Washington DC, and if the fundraising campaign on is any indication, the turnout will be significant.

Articles published by Time Magazine, The Daily Beast and Glossy News are surely to thank in itsy-bitsy ways, the last least of all, but the real credit goes to the citizens of Colbert Nation.

Now is the time to plan your visit, secure your flights, coordinate your ride-sharing and generally ensure you have enough of the wacky tobaccy to keep your ilk in reasonable sanity until the big day. This last factor is a guess, based on the rhetoric of Stewart/Colbert detractors, so since they mostly work on “the most trusted news” source in America, it must be true.

Set the date in ink, folks, it’s a done deal.

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Here’s the announcement from Jon Stewart:

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  1. Sanity? What is that?
    I think this is some sort of socialist thing to take over America!
    We should get the commie bastard!

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