Ahmadinejad: ‘Concentration Camps Merely Weight Loss Centers For Rich Jews’

Tehran, Iran Iran’s president offered his candid remarks in a televised address to Iran’s Righteous Council that he was proud to stoke international outrage with his latest remarks denying the Holocaust ever existed, and was mostly a fabricated lie. The announcement was made as his team made preparations to head to the United Nations in New York for a week of Israel bashing.

 The controversial Iranian President also claims he has ‘conclusive photographic proof’ that the entire holocaust story was fabricated and merely lies. His photos show that some of the most infamous concentration camps were merely ‘health spas’ where overweight European Jews went to lose weight.

“No big deal. Some merely over did it, that’s all! ” 

 Smiling confidently, Ahmadinejad held up poorly doctored photos of Auschwitz where a painted sign could be seen hanging on the main entrance tower over the train tracks leading into the death camp. Embarrassingly, the sign ‘Welcome Fat Jews’ was written in Arabic, not German.

When asked where did all of Europe’s 6 million Jews go? Ahmadinejad claims they simply moved away and left no forwarding address.

 “ No big deal! It happens here all the time!  People disappear and leave no forwarding address.”

Ahmadinejad claims the Jews might not have been Jews at all!  Ahmadinejad even suggested they were probably visiting Bolivians who were lost or missed a traffic turn or something. Ahmadinejad defended his assumption by giving an example to the reporters.

“Fat people sometimes get lost! The Jews probably didn’t know how to use their GPS devices properly or were too embarrassed to ask for directions. Maybe they had cheap maps.”

Author: Bargis Tryhol

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