Start of the “CIA Hymnbook” Occasional Series!

In the name of religious diversity, I’m starting an occasional series of hymn and gospel parodies for the State-Worshipping community.

The CIA Hymnbook has plenty of rousing, stirring, patriotic devotions as we sing praise to all those who have truly made America great!

Never mind the boring blue collar workers or angry farmers; it’s the CIA, the NSA, the government and the arms lobbyists who built this country from the ground up, and are still watching over you day and night; for your own good, every bit as much as your own evil!

The first instalment starts in half an hour: “The CIA Loves Me. This I know. Cos the Government tells me so!” And another one follows tomorrow. Yet more will follow in due course!

I could tell you when the series next continues after that; but I’d probably have to kill you.

And I don’t want to have to do that.

Sail on, blessed brothers!



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