Random Thoughts (VIII): Trolls, Terror, & Traumatic Illnesses


Has anyone noticed that trolls not only have juvenile ideas, but are also quite ‘charmingly’ childlike in their word-games?

E.g. if they are called antisemitic, they say ‘Yes, I do agree the Zio World Empire is antisemitic… Against the TRUE semites.”

This is stuff you expect from 10 y/olds.

Yet at the same time, they are not necessarily less juvenile than the more ‘sophisticated’ apologists for power.

Health Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions

Devil’s Advocate:
With regard to the pre-existing conditions problem, I don’t think it’s easy to blame health insurance companies per se. Companies (which are entirely reducible to human individuals, by the way, without the slightest hint of surplus) actually need to make a profit.
If the government don’t want to bring about Single Payer Healthcare, perhaps they could provide special support for those with pre-existing conditions. Some kind of hybrid system?

Is There Any Middle Ground Left on Catalonia?

I was neutral on Catalonia, as I am very skeptical about all the dogmatism, emotivism and virtue-signalling around complex geopolitical disputes. But I think the grey area is being swallowed up by the brutality of Madrid and the police.
Anyone else feeling the same?
If you start treating unarmed, peaceful protesters as though they were Antifa or White Nationalists, you begin to lose all credibility.


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