Epic Album Dream Team: Charles Manson Joins Kanye Turbo Grafx 16 Family

Kanye West has once again surprised his fans and critics alike by announcing plans to collaborate with the infamous serial killer Charles Manson on an upcoming album.

Turbo Grafx 16 promises to be the most edgy and non-conformist albums yet from one of the most creative and innovative stars of rap.

Yet sadly, contrary to persistent rumours in recent times, Kanye West is not collaborating with fellow artistic geniuses Vanilla Ice and Justin Bieber.

So, it really is just Kanye ‘n’ Charles this time! Or as Kanye himself calls him:

Chucky Bang Bang.

But Yeezus has taken pains to distance himself from the kind of ignorant and malicious music critic who will ever once dare insinuate this is just some kind of shallow publicity stunt, designed purely to get wall-to-wall attention from the gullible media.

Look, I know Charles Manson, this guy is kind of outside of the mainstream right now. I hear ya! It’s kind of hard to accept me collaborating with this guy. Yeah?

But you know what? I’m a risk taker, and I think this collaboration really could be the next new thing in hip-hop. Alright?

I mean, I’ve never been one for just playing it safe and doing what’s acceptable and easy and free of risk.

So, what could be better than heading into a dimly lit, understaffed, undersupervised prison somewhere in the shady side of town, Corcoran California, 3 am Friday morning…

And recording a new album with my new brother? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

However, Kanye’s fans are anxious to know more details about what exactly will happen.

OK, so first off, we got this great track called ‘Closest Thing to Einstein.’ Now, I know what you gonna say, but believe me people, Kanye not gonna be arrogant and start talking about myself. Let’s give credit where it’s deserved.

Yeah! Charles Manson is a really, REALLY  smart guy! He invented his own innovative New Age spiritual community. Y’know, Holy Books and chants and everything else. AND he killed 9 people, and he covered his tracks SO FREAKIN’ WELL, the authorities took two whole years to catch him!

I mean, I know one damn smart cookie when I see one; and believe Kanye, this guy is pretty damn SMART! I like working with intelligent, smart guys, and it doesn’t get any more Einstein-like than this dude!

Oh and by the way, I kinda hoped the Beach Boys would work with us and do Chucky Bang Bang’s ‘Never Learn Not To Love,’ but they just weren’t really feelin’ it. Fuck these guys! Our version will be WAY better than theirs!

I mean, which Manson dream team are you gonna listen to? Kanye & Chuck or the Beach Boys?

I mean, are you FOR REAL, people?! It’s just an absolute no-brainer, isn’t it!



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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3 thoughts on “Epic Album Dream Team: Charles Manson Joins Kanye Turbo Grafx 16 Family

  1. Oh, so the likes of his collaboration with Kevin Bacon and El Chapo on “Mass Graves of the Mind” wasn’t offensive? Sure there were some good tracks like, “The Scopolamine Blues”, and “You Can’t Find No Bodies” but by in large it was a totally self serving effort by Kanye that we have come to know and love.

  2. Kanye has revealed that he is black on the inside. What a dark soul!
    He praises a man who destroyed the lives of so many. Kanye has absolutely no empathy for the victims. He is a mentally ill narcissist. He would feel different if his pregnant daughter was slaughtered. Why? Because narcissist’s only care about what is happening to them. I hope the King and Queen of everything ugly will be kicked off throne. God help us if this album is successful.

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