Hey Hey Donald Hey: (With Apologies to Bill Frederick’s: Hey Hey LBJ)

Hey Hey Donald Hey,
How many casinos did you lose today?
Gonna file for bankruptcy and lose your dollars now, oh, boy!
Donald Trump has eager hands to grab another bargain,
She runs off and tells the mob that Donald Trump is lying!
Hey Hey Donald Hey,
How many women did you lose today?
Gonna be a felon now and go to prison now, oh, boy!

 I’m Donald, I want New York gays to help me win my campaign
But Mike makes sure you boys will not be cracking open champagne!
Hey hey Donald hey! How many lies did you tell today?
Gonna be a conman now, a figure of hate now, oh, boy!
Donald Trump has property to make make your blue eyes water,
He lost them all the other day, oh weep now, sons and daughters!
Hey Hey Donald Hey,
How many casinos did you lose today?
Gonna be dead broke like Hillary, starve yourself to death, boy!
I am now reliably informed that the tactless use of ‘gay’ as a noun is misleading, and gives an unnecessarily negative spin to the song. I ought to have said ‘fags,’ instead. Now… I wonder who might be behind that bigoted email?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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