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9/11 Problems (Video & Lyrics Together!)

9/11 Problems (Video & Lyrics Together!)

If you’re having Bush problems I feel bad for you son

I got 9/11 problems but a Clinton ain’t one!

Bush dirty rat drop bombs on Iraqi foes

Kill a million US soldiers cause he’s the boss ya know

7 billion critics say he’s a “Warmongerin’ Prick”

He’s a fuckin’ Bush, genius! So he can suck my motherfuckin’ dick

This asshole grew up with the scum in his family And jizzes himself every time he be bombin’ Arabs

Bush be like Fucker the little kiddies, take this big-ass silo!

If your bro nah like chlorine you can fuckin’ blow ten miles yo

Got beef with the widows they don’t play nice dem go

Don’t play good Arab lady, well they can just take a hit, ho!

Kerry makes up some shit about chemical gas

If you don’t acknowledge that it’s true this missile goes in your ass


We be wonderin’ why Iraqis call him a piece a shit

Or refuse to call him classy when he droppin’ ten ton hits

I’m a sassy guy brother but this Bush sure is dumb

So time to put a warrant on this neocon scum

Year 2001 and shill mediabe fucked

Bush want to pass laws Evil motherfucker sucks

I got two choices liberty or bust us

Get up to the Cesspool and school the fuckin’ Boss rat-on-the-justice

Now I ain’t wanna see no warmongering shit in Iraq

If you wanna blow their shit up you better fuckin’ watch your ass

So we stand outside the door of this fuckin’ den o’ thieves Cheney be

Boys, get to fuck or we’ll beat ya!

Nope! I’m a citizen, me real!

But I ain’t got your cash flow

Do I look like a killer, Dick?

Like fuck knows!

Is this uncivil disobedience or should me ‘n’ brothers kiss the floor?

Well unpatriotic vermin really should be shot, you know.

Passport and car keys and you’re gettin’ locked away.

We can’t let stupid traitors come here and ruin our day!

Bitch! I ain’t passin’ you shit, our fuckin’ protest’s legit!

Well do you mind if I perv on your laptop, a little bit?

Well my computer is mine and I ain’t got no time for no hackers

Our people got a 4th motherfuckin’ amendment

So fuck you Cheney ‘n’ backers!

Well ain’t the boy rude as an Arab, are you some type of jihadist or somethin’?

Or somebody who hates our Beltway-stylee freedom or somethin’?

Nah! I ain’t no jihadist, but I love this fuckin’ nation!

Enough to tell you you neocons are a fuckin’ abomination

Well, see how smart you are when the CIA come…

My ass! Fuck you Cheney baby, and your neocon scum!

Now a few years back it fuckin made me sick

A citizen like me had to fuck up a motherfuckin prick

This is not a prick in the sense of fuckin’ havin’ a dick

But a Dick havin’ no God Damn mandate, to try ‘n’ fix us!

You can’t ignore the bastard, he’s our bent overlord

No angels gonna pray for him, ‘nother fuckin’ lost soul overboard

Y’all know the type! Loud as a collateral bomb…

But wouldn’t go to war without a fuckin’ draft dodge!

The only thing that’s gonna happen is imma get to resistin’

He and his boys underwear be fuckin’ silken panty-pissin’

And here we go get harassed by authorities again

Back through the shitty dogyard with fuckin’ John Kerry yet again

Scum on the microphones chattin’ shit again

Media shills with their propaganda endorsin’ shits again

Fuckers tryna give citizens shaft again

Hate their fuckin’ people yeah they cos loathe Americans

All because fuckin’ Neocons are bombin kids

Makes ya wonder when these bitches gonna hit the skids

But I ain’t nothing PC ’bout how I criticise the scum

I got 9/11 problems

Ass-lickin’ Dicks ain’t one!

Hit me 9/11 problems

Warmongerin’ shits ain’t one

Yeah you’re fuckin’ crazy for this Dick

It’s your war 9/11 problems…


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