Michael Jackson, Whitney Housten, Reportedly Still Dead

THOUSANDS of social media users were shocked to learn that ‘music legends’ such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Huston are still dead.

The distressing news came throughout the months following the announcement of the pop idols’ deaths.

Mourners took to Twitter and Facebook to share their utter disbelief and heartache over deceased celebrities that they had never met.

One tweet from @lucy_carr5 said: “Literally crying my eyes out listening to ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. RIP Whitney, heaven has gained another star.”

Another tweet from @hotrocks_09 said: “Jackson wat a legend gone but not forgotten i’ll neva forget how u touched my life #smoothcriminal”

A Facebook post from just yesterday said: “I still can not believe Whitney and Michael are dead. Shocked.”

The outpouring of grief has continued to grow as people post YouTube videos of the songs of these tragic musicians.

And music industry giants continue to fuel the anguish of the bereaved with a constant stream of ‘new’ releases of the same old shit but with a new cover.

Psychologist Edward Barton said that the music industry has a lot to answer for.
He said: “These multi-million-dollar companies should be more aware of how much hurt they are causing to these vulnerable and gullible people.

“They are exploiting the pain of the grievers. Of course it is sad when anyone dies but, these are people who have real problems accepting the death of a person that they never met.”

While it is disputed as to the actual positive influence dead musicians like Whitney, The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb, Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas and Freddie Mercury of Queen had on music one thing is certain, Elvis Presley, The King, is not dead.

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  1. I’m so sad that Michael and Whitney are still dead I really wanted to meet them and tell them about how much I like their music

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