Entirely Fictional Jeremy Corbyn Apparently Less Extreme than the Real One

Jez Corbyn Labour

The new Facebook Page ‘Fuck Jeremy Corbyn’ doesn’t invite you to seduce the Labour leader; nor indeed to get seduced by him, and get some edgy Trot motorcycle rides.

Wow! What an amazing find!

Still, have some fun with this! You will see that even the satire persona seems that little bit more credible and intelligent.

The anonymous author says:

Dear Trots, everything on this page is SATIRE!

I’m only a FAKE Jez!

In fact, I’m fake as fuck!

Now do be a good Tankie, calm down and have some quinoa, there’s a good comrade!

Jex x

UPDATE: Oh wait, what’s this? The privacy settings changed! It must be a CONSPIRACY! … Never mind, get a loada THIS! 😛


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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