Beautiful Netizen People Burn Butterfly Collector At The Stake

A woman butterfly collector who had the arrogance to write an article describing her honest if not sophomoric and misunderstood anxiety over seeing a chubby black woman at her yoga class has been hunted down, bound, blindfolded and burned at the stake by beautiful netizen people who happened to be without sin.

Non writer Jen Polachek posing under the psuedonym Jen Caren was prompted by an editor at the popular cat-lady in training website XOJANE to write an article about her recent yoga/chubby black woman experience and how as a privileged racist white bitch she should be ashamed of herself and maybe slit her wrists.

The article was picked up by gossip rag GAWKER and the free for all stoning commenced. Within 24 hours it grew into an internet wide “kill the white ho!” lynching.

One beautiful person bigotizin was quoted as saying “We can’t just have everyone speaking honestly about personal race experiences. For god’s sake, we might have teaching moments breaking out everywhere, people might start understanding each other…and then where will be?”

Author: deeptrout

The less I say the safer I'll be.

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