Who Gives a Wiki?

A recent poll has shown that over 95% of the world population neither knows nor cares about the site ‘wikileaks’

In research carried out by the ‘Blue Sky Black Heart’ think tank has shown that nobody really cares about the site and 98% of people have never even visited the website, some even confused it with Wikipedia.

Wikileaks has been in the spotlight again recently because its founder Julian Assange has just been granted asylum in Ecuador (where? I know, right?). And he has asked that the US give up its ‘War on Whistle-blowers’ as they can be way ‘too loud’.

The survey found that 90% of people from the US that were questioned agreed to end the war on whistle-blowers because they simply couldn’t be bothered enough to think it was worth spending government money on it.

They also found that 23% found Assange ‘weirdly amphibious looking’.

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