Most Recent Updates for Bobby Joe Movie: And How Can You Help Our Satire Site and Future Projects?

Recently, there was a successful crowdfunding campaign for the Bobby Joe Movie.

This is the editor’s own project: thanks for your support everyone!

And here’s the most recent update, from earlier this month.

There are actually 8 updates listed, so there’s definitely a lot of care that has gone into this project.

So, how will this stack up against other famous mockumentaries, such as ‘This is Spinal Tap’ and ‘I’m Still Here?’

We’ll see.

Bobby Joe has always been an underdog…

Let’s do this!

Although the crowdfunding is over, we’re exploring the prospect of a general crowdfund for Glossy News, as well as a Patreon account.

We’ll be sure to update you on this!

In the meantime, if you want to assist Glossy News, or any side projects (e.g. any future movie projects), here are some things you can do:

Save the link to our site, and check it every now and then.

Like our Facebook page, and maybe even send some invites to some (or all) of your friends!

Tell your friends, family, colleagues; drop it casually into conversation, or maybe even email them!

The sub-editor has a general Patreon page. Until there is a dedicated Glossy News Patreon page, feel free to drop something here! This will be very encouraging. See also his ebooks on Amazon and many other stores; some of which are satirical in character. All of these include royalties, except the book which is edited by George Donnelly; he just included one of my stories in his anthology (although that book is still more than worth a read!)

Please note that Wallace Runnymede’s Patreon is a general one, and relates to a number of other projects that are separate from Glossy News.

And last but not least…

Please share anything from our site you find funny or thought-provoking!

You can start with this one…

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