Looper Movie Review

Looper is an amazing movie. Though you have to see the first one to make much sense of it, newcomers will be pleasantly surprised as well.

Looper is set in a fantastic world filled with trees and blue people. These blue people are called munchkins and their entire mission in life is to make their way along a yellow brick road to the city of Shawshank.

Along the way they meet a lot of different people and other characters. Some of these people are called mobsters and are trying to convince their babysitter to smuggle cocaine through an airport but the babysitter refuses to go anywhere without her hat. A rabbit in a suit named Thumper goes looking for her hat and gets lost in a hole where three men are taking care of a baby penguin.

After they find her hat, a coke dealer with a scar on his face goes car shopping with them. After they buy a Porsche on Friday, they decide to just sit on their porch and get high on blow.

After their mother kicks them off the porch for being lesbians, the group hops in a car driven by a black man named Daisy and ends up at a castle owned by an olive oil businessman who should really stay away from oranges.

After the man dies in his tomato field, a man named Zed leads the group to a back room where he performs unspeakable acts on them with various pawn shop items before a die hard cop stabs Zed with seven samurai swords.

As they escape the store, a taxi driver with a mohawk drives them to a secret underground club where people fight to win their freedom from a man named Darth Vader.

Just when they think they’re safe, a cartoon cowboy and his potato head friend take them on a mission to find an Army private named Forrest who’s fighting for his life in a post apocalyptic world filled with aliens.

Overall, Looper is a visually stunning film that’s sure to entertain anyone looking for an escape from reality. I highly recommend it.

Author: Mark Garrison

Mark Garrison is both a loving husband, a devoted father, and a steadfast rebel when it comes to the word "both." His work has appeared in Opium Magazine, Monkeybicycle, and many other places with interesting names.

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