Edgy Memes: Peter Gabriel Goes Full Donald Trump

Mainstream hipster-baiting dad rock legend Peter Gabriel has recently let his resentment, bitterness, and sense of working class hero white disenfranchisement get the better of him.

Having been dumped out of his ailing wistful ale times ‘n’ ocarina boy band ‘Genesis’ by chubby Essex heart-throb Philip ‘Phil Collins Era 4 Eva Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah!!!!!!!!’ Collins, he’s now seeking his first bit of genuine fame and success with a series of classy meme montage photoshoots.

He’s already got 13 likes on Reddit (biggest success yet!), albeit those were accompanied by various edgy comments like

“‘Oo the fuck is this boy? Eh?”

“Ain’t a fahcking patch on Phil Collins, mate!”

“Flaming mainstream, metropolitan SQUARE!”

“Phil Collin, mate.”

“Phil Collins.”

“Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil.”

“Rolf Harris.”

“STFU! GTFO here, yer mainstream P-Ah-S!”

“Gary Barlow.”

“I’m gonna fuckin’ dox you, you filthy sunnuvvah…”

“Easy. Don’t feed the troll, mate!”

“Phil Collins, mate!”

“Phil Collins.”

“Always Phil for me, lads!”

And-so-on-and-so-forth. Anyroad, here are the memes for you. Tomorrow, we bring you some classic hard-right populist rants from some Peter’s hideously ranty Trump-inspired Twitter account.

(Complete with Trolling Egg for added faux-hipster mainstream-fahcking-square effect!)


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