Tailor Swift Not Bothered By Singer With Similar Name

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania – Professional Tailor, Bill Swift, Owner and Operator of Tailor Swift’s House of Threds, has been an expert at altering clothing since his shop first opened in June of 1979 on the corner of Reading Boulevard and Clayton Avenue in downtown Wyomissing.

Known to the locals as Tailor Swift, he has pleased thousands of customers with his precise and cost efficient tailoring, relying only on word-of-mouth advertising to increase his customer base.

However, since the historic rise of singing sensation, Taylor Swift, Tailor Swift has been receiving a lot of inquiries about the name of his shop.

“It really doesn’t bother me,” Tailor Swift said, while carefully marking a suit jacket sleeve with an oil-immersed breadstick.

“I even changed the spelling of threads in my store name to threds as a tribute to Miss Swift’s most popular studio album, Red, because we are both from Wyomissing,” Tailor Swift added.

According to locals, Taylor Swift always stops by the store when she visits her hometown with outfits that she needs to have altered even though Tailor Swift claims he has never met the famed singer.

“Tailor Swift has too much respect for his customer’s privacy to admit to meeting Taylor Swift, but the town is small and everyone knows that Tailor Swift has indeed met Taylor Swift on more than one occasion,” said local resident Justin Rodier, who claims to own the largest collection of Taylor Swift memorabilia on the planet.

“Just wait until I open my own store called: The Good, The Bad and The Tailor Swift. People will really be confused then!” Added Rodier.

For more information on Tailor Swift’s store or to schedule an alteration appointment, please visit www.tailornottaylor.com

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