Harvey Weinstein to Open Fire on NRA in Upcoming Movie

Filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein announced Wednesday that he is taking on the NRA with a zeal not seen since Michael Moore’s documentary, Bowling for Columbine. Weinstein told Howard Stern that his movie won’t be a documentary, which will give him license to open both barrels on the NRA.

“No, I’m not going to get all in their face like Michael Moore,” said Weinstein.

“I’m gonna do Moore one worse,” he said. “I’m gonna sic a woman, i.e. Meryl “Thatcher” Streep on Mr. LaPierre and his gang of gun toters,” said a jubilant Weinstein.

Weinstein was mum on exactly how he was going to blast away at the NRA and LaPierre, but he made sure everyone at the press conference knew that he (Weinstein) meant business.

“I don’t own a gun, and I see no reason to have guns in this country,” said Weinstein.

“It is this very premise that will come across loud and clear in my movie, and I’ve got just the woman to carry the message across,” he said.

Meryl Streep could not be reached for comment, and her personal secretary was given strict orders not to comment on the upcoming project. However, some people are speculating that Weinstein is casting Meryl Streep in the role of President Hillary Clinton, a tough leader who has just the right stuff to destroy the NRA.

Weinstein says he’s had enough of LaPierre and the NRA gun lobbyists.

“I’m gonna take them down, buddy, and I won’t need firearms to do it,” said Weinstein, “just a camera, a very tough woman, and the facts,” said Weinstein.

Stern, a gun owner himself, was quick to point out that Weinstein had just as much right to make a movie against guns as he, Stern, had to own one, but, in typical Stern fashion, Weinstein was asked,

“So, Harve, will Meryl have any nude scenes in the movie?”

Author: P. Beckert

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