Top Ten Random Thoughts by Dave on Recent Sex Scandal

10. Work with me, sleep with me – comedy rules.
9. Scandal schmandal, it’s fun to flirt.
8. Robert J. “Joe” Halderman, one more GOP Joe wanting my pants.
7. Thought I could show Obama how to handle his nemesii Beck’n’Baugh.
6. NBC’S lame idea how to hype Conan O’Brien’s sagging “Tonight” show.
5. Gotta get it out there. No risk—no gain I say.
4. It’s really not a $2 mil joke.
3. Leno just keeps getting bad ratings.
2. Pumped up & in charge, a human flaw or showbiz debauchery?
1. Military life is sounding pretty good to me right now.

Author: BobZaguy

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1 thought on “Top Ten Random Thoughts by Dave on Recent Sex Scandal

  1. I don’t fault dave. He’s an older guy with an opprotunity and I half expect it. Sad but no biggy. Considering all the messed up right-wingers with all theire BS quaker beliefs, this isn’t going to hurt him a bit. Oh really? A 50 year old guy got busy with a homely 20 year old on his staff? Heaven forbid!

    Imagine the scandals from late night celebs of eras bygone we never heard about. This is a non-issue.

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