NOT SATIRE: Three Formal Verse Poems!

Let’s take a break from the lighter stuff…

The Painter of Apocalypse

Arise! St John! Immortal plume in palm

Proclaim the righteous indignation

Of the Lamb

Against ungodly deeds, ungodly darkness

The Eden, once green, turned to famine’s barrenness

Take heed, O Man!


Come forth! Poor rustic fool!

But ever-filled with wisdom, from the throne

And ever shining

Discriminate the light from deadening night

Warn that injustice is discerned from right

The day’s declining!


Arise, Apostle!

Meekness, orphan’s sorrow

Offers no great, grand accounting for the morrow

And yet thou bleedest

The pen is thine, but judgment’s fiery sword

Is committed to thy Master

For thus we read it!


Hold firm, St John! Hold fast, amid the storm

The stones of Patmos cry out, as wounded Abel

Pleads for mercy

There is no righteous resolution of the tempest

No peaceful day has dawned upon the better

Nor the worst


I see many wondrous things I dare not name

My heart is troubled, sorrow, misery, dread contrition’s shame

And yet I know, if such truth’s vouchsafed to thee

Tis truth enow to shield e’en such as me

Hold firmly, John, and drag me from the mire

To be with thee, to cling fast to our Heavenly Master

For this, please God, e’er shall be t’sum of my desire!

O Death, Where is Thy Victory?

I shall not die before the glistening dew

On valiant memory’s hallowed blossom branch

Drips plenty, shimmering, satin as the moon

And the famished earth, tearful-trembling springs anew

With all that ever beat, and all that ever bled in torture’s myriad harmonies

As the sun’s renewal shines majestic on our sorrow

And peals of change’s comfort flutter in the breeze.


I shall not cease to speak, while Rachel’s well

Her crystal waters glimmering in the sun

Flow freely, sweetly, bitterly as honey,

Sweet as wormwood, blest as erstwhile manna

O sacred is the festival of our running!

As light undying illumines e’en that last dread vast Gehenna!


I shall not cease to reason, while the porch of Athens

However dusky, dirty, be defiled

Though tongues may cease, the mind’s immortal wheels

Reflect, resplendent, their great sire, Father Time,

O great the man, pure the woman, on whom Athena sets her seal!

How blest the dawnbreak, heart’s cry with Truth to rhyme!



Mighty of fate,

Whose homeland was among us,

Weak of breath and heartbeat,

Whose courage did redeem us,

Resplendent darkness,

O thou great unmanifest mystery of time!

Be with us still, e’en as the sun declines…

Bless us, that we may bless thee,

Comfort us, we thy healers

We soar, thou fallest, and yet thou hast risen again

Dwell among us til the day of doom,

Until the dayspring strums our famished hearts again!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

Wallace is the editor of Brian K. White's epic website, Glossy News! Email him with your content at (Should be @, not #!) Or if you'd like me to help you tease out some ideas that you can't quite put into concrete form, I'd love to have some dialogue with you! Catch me on Patreon too, or better still, help out our great writers on the official Glossy News Patreon (see the bottom of the homepage!) Don't forget to favourite Glossy News in your browser, and like us on Facebook too! And last but VERY MUCH not the least of all... Share, share, SHARE! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our awesome site!