Professor Smiggles Sucks all The Joy Out of Freddy Mercury

Professor Guru Angus Lenn(on/in)vedanta Smiggles of the Social Constructionist String Theory Department in Bushmills Metaphysical College has recently taken time out from the Gang of Sneers book series, in order to educate the benighted and unwashed masses on just how unreflective their music listening has been up to now.

Some may think that all you need for Queen is a few cocktails, and dancing partner and some wild hair!

Alas, this is merely a vulgar populist preconception from the ‘idle, ungovernable mob,’ as ol’ Smiggybums puts it.

Listening to Freddy Mercury Without Reading Hegel Needs Must Inevitably a Extract a Preponderant Proportion of the Joy Requisite Thereat, if One May Crave Leave to Thus Affirm

From a purely dispassionate and objective scientific perspective, biological essentialism dictates that on the average, there is a disparity between the bulk and/or shape of fat stored in the buttocks of men and women, a curious phenomenon said to serve certain evolutionary purposes.

It is not possible to fully appreciate popular culture without a theoretically rigorous and evidentially grounded consideration of the pertinent scientific premises manifested in the semiotic artifacts in question.

Without a keen sense of the intrinsic physiological and anatomical considerations at issue, along with a proper understanding of evolutionary psychology and other adequately rigorous disciplines, one’s comprehension of the arts must inevitably dwell on a merely surface, unreflective, emotional level; however, without an effort to truly comprehend and as it were grasp (Begriffen) the DETERMINATE character of the object in its totality, and the myriad network of intrinsic dialectical interrelations, the true and authentic essence of the artistic phenomenon that is, as it were, under observation, must ever remain veiled and a hidden secret to us.

I couldn’t make much sense of that; fortunately, we can find more of the simple ‘101’ stuff in the ebook! Get a free preview here!

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