Honest Adolph Serial: Useful Update

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UPDATE (JAN 5 2020): More coming soon on the re-release of this exciting speculative fiction novel about near future America! The following info is no longer pertinent.

Sincere apologies. I’m still having technical difficulties with the remainder of the Honest Adolph serial. Until this is resolved, this is my regular commitment to you: a post every single day about the novel, including its broader context; as well as (less often) some stuff on my other books. This will really help to bring the novel alive for you, so I hope it will at least partly compensate for the long delay!

I will provide one article per day, until I have finally resolved my technical problems, and the serial recommences. I sincerely hope it is worth the wait! Thank you so much for your patience!

As for today,  here are the first three links relating to my character sketches on Medium:


Otis Spengler is a journalist who is sick of trying to find little ‘cracks’ and ‘windows of opportunity’ to sneak some truth in.

Eventually, he can’t deal with this shill media job at Steel Diamond Media any more…

Otis is a little bit cynical.

He doesn’t represent so much the rowdy liberty-loving spirit of Saul, or Willow’s poignant nostalgia for the America she once knew and loved, or Adolph’s stoic endurance and loyalty to the ideal of freedom.


While many of the other characters in the novel are fairly complex, and somewhere in the vast gray area between moral perfection and sheer unadulterated evil, Bubble is apparently lacking in any redeeming features.

NOTE: I am no longer writing at Medium. But stay tuned for more chapter instalments, as well as more non-fiction reflections as we proceed!

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