Rush Limbaugh Voted Most Respected American

The Legitimate Society of Respected Americans has come out with their new survey, and the results are not surprising; Rush Limbaugh voted Most Respected American.

Beating out Abe Lincoln, Maya Angelou and Rick Steves, successful radio journalist Rush Limbaugh easily topped the charts with respondents describing him as noble, selfless, handsome and “of a healthy, patriotic American weight”.

“The way Rush explained that diabetes is just God’s way of saying America is the best country really hit home with me,” said Margaret Chudtney, a housewife in Topeka living on disability. “How could you not vote that guy the best American ever?”

The biggest devil listed, of course, was Barack Hussein Obama for the fifth year running. Not only is his middle name reminiscent of Saddam Hussein, but his last name is reminiscent of Osama Bin Laden, who came in second on the worst list.

While Rush is a God-loving, God-fearing Christian, many still consider Hussein to be a foreign born Muslim socialist fascist Nazi pacifist aggressor who is hell-bent on taking away your guns while outlawing Christianity entirely.

Past recipients of the Most Respected American title include such luminaries as Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney (honorary mention,) and Charles Koch.


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  1. I especially like how the article is not at all one sided and doesn’t load the language to bias the reader. Well done “journalists”.

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