Leftist Anarchist? MAGA Deplorable? Patriot?

Progressive? America-Hater? Racist, Sexist Pig?

RED OR BLUE — Just for YOU: Catch a Clue


Red 1.  Every Covid-19 one slowed economy POTUS had booming.

Blue 1. Trump absurdly claimed U.S. shouldn’t _ _ _ _ as much while fighting Covid-19.

Red 2.  President’s choices protect jobs and profits heading this overfunded agency (Abbr: _ _ A).

Blue 2. Raping Mother Nature, GOP transformed agency into science-rejecting laughingstock (Abbr: _ _ A).

Red 3.  Running pro football team and this college speak to Trump’s leadership experience (Abbr: _ _).

Blue 3. Failed Trump for-profit college, duped many with government loans (Abbr: _ _).

Red 5.  Conspiracy or Hoax? Regardless, Kung-Flu came from the Far _ _ _ _.

Blue 5. Trump’s history with China and North Korea shows he’s clueless about the Far _ _ _ _.

Red 6.  Mantra still: Jail Crooked _ _ _ _ _ _ _!!!!!!!

Blue 6.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Clinton: ’16 election stolen by Comey email inquiry, Trump, and Putin.

Red 7.  Network the President calls “enemy of the American people” (Abbr: _ _ _).

Blue 7.  Network broadcasting truth, despite claims by Foghorn Leghorn in White House (Abbr: _ _ _).

Red 10. Dems tried to pin this, and obstruction, on peerless leader.

Blue 10. Romney only Republican with integrity to vote to convict Trump of obstruction and __________.

Red 11. Son-in-Law-in-Chief; Ivanka’s hubby (Init).

Blue 11. Nepotism: Senior Advisor to father-in-law; own father a convicted felon (Init.).

Red 12. Flawed election foe: Uncle Ukraine – Spawn of Obama and Hillary (Init).

Blue 12. Next President of the United States; Obama’s experienced V.P. (Init.).

Red 15. “Hire ‘em; Fire ‘em”: Apprentice icon quickly launched this first National Security Advisor.

Blue 15. Indicted but a “catch and release”; Trump’s first poorly chosen National Security Advisor.

Red 16. Senate Majority Leader from great state of Kentucky (Init).

Blue 16. Trump Senate Stooge: Nancy Pelosi alliteratively titles him “Moscow” (Init.).

Red 18. Elitist, leftist  _ _ _heads, like Hillary, call MAGA patriots “deplorables.”

Blue 18. Trump’s no Ivy League  _ _ _ head; Dad’s money or a proxy’s S.A.T. get him into Penn?

Red 19) Michigan Senator barely won ’18, foreshadowing repeat POTUS 2020 win there (Init).

Blue 19. 4-term Senator from Michigan, state returning to Democrats in November (Init.).

Red 20. Bill would split this virtual Communist Circuit Court to create 12th.

Blue 20. To squash liberties and freedom, reactionaries aim to split this Circuit Court.

Red 21. Trump’s USSR counterpart; supports POTUS like other strong rulers, even South of Wall.

Blue 21. Hillary said he “doesn’t have a soul” about Trump’s Russian buddy before they extracted revenge.

Red 23. AG defended President after replacing Sessions, who recused himself from duty.

Blue 23. Named AG after Sessions’ recusal and firing – Redacted Mueller Report. Constitution next?

Red 26. President gave us “Operation Legend” to avoid these filling up after anarchist protests (Abbr: _ _).

Blue 26. Followers needed these medical facilities when Trump advised drinking disinfectants (Abbr: _ _).

Red 27. Structure POTUS urged to protect border from robbers, pillagers, rapists, and Covid-19 spreaders.

Blue 27. Trump’s nagging for this edifice fanned racist, immigrant hate.

Red 28. Black man whose death led to “Black Lives Matter” movement takeover by Marxists (Init.).

Blue 28. Rest in Power: Martyred by police, he spurred BLM protests Trump abuses (Init.).

Red 34. Voter fraud Queen Stacey Abrams’ state; she wanted all and their dead Brothers to vote (abbr.: _ _).

Blue 34. This state’s election history shows lengths GOP will go to impede citizen voting (Abbr: _ _).


Red 1.  Social media-savvy President does this to bypass liberal pundits.

Blue 1. Agent Orange thinks he’s Rockin’ Robin: “All he does is _____, ______, ______.” [fill it in once]

Red 4.  Two words for what liberal media spews: Fake _ _ _ _!

Blue 4. Trump niece Mary’s revelations, calling President “dangerous,” not _ _ _ _ to any but his base.

Red. 8.  POTUS praised own response to Puerto _ _ _ _ _ Hurricane Maria, despite inept San Juan mayor.

Blue 8.  Nearly 5000 died after inattention of Trump to 2017 Puerto _____ Hurricane Maria.

Red 9.  Last man standing at #1 news source in America; not afraid to call out deep state (Init.).

Blue 9.  Trump’s Fox mouthpiece, sued like other sexist colleagues for crimes against women (Init.).

Red 13. Trump called North Korean leader “little _ _ _ _ _ _ man” before bending him to his will.

Blue 13. Commander-in-Chief Bone Spur branded equally eccentric North Korean leader “Little ____ Man.”

Red 14. Mueller Report proved Dem’s _ _ _ _ of Impeachment was a witch hunt.

Blue 14. Every coronavirus stimulus package ____ from GOP primarily written to bail out big corporations.

Red 17. The Delphic Oracle of hashtags in the land of the free and home of real Americans.

Blue 17. Clearly, the ____ ____ ____ (three words) is a morally corrupt sexist, racist, lying bully.

Red 22. History deniers threaten monuments throughout our great country (Abbr: _ _ ).

Blue 22. Caging children at the border, Trump defiled his own country’s Statue of Liberty (Abbr: _ _).

Red 23. Two last names of two-faced Supreme Court Judge who failed her holdout (Init).

Blue 23. Two last names of Justice who gave life trying to avoid another Gorsuch or Kavanaugh (Init.).

Red 24. International organization in NYC, funded by America, with Globalist ideology (Abbr: _ _ ).

Blue 24. Trump’s rantings threaten this international organization, founded by WW II allies (Abbr: _ _).

Red 25. First name of state that Traitor Judge Roberts let win case to reveal President’s private tax returns.

Blue 25. Nothing ____ to hear Administration cite “alternate facts,” as Kellyanne Conway famously urged.

Red 29. POTUS agrees with great Chuck Woolery: C.D.C. is telling a _ _ _ about Covid-19 situation.

Blue 29. Trump should be called Pinocchio since all he does is ___.

Red 30. Organization that defends gun rights, led by patriots Charlton Heston and Ollie North (Abbr: _ _ _ ).

Blue 30. 5-million strong gun lobby crusades against progressive causes in ugly culture war (Abbr: _ _ _).

Red 31. POTUS: “Dirty, filthy cops” heading this government office victimized Michael Flynn (Abbr: _ _ _).

Blue 31. Remarkably, AG Barr suggests this investigative agency tried to “sabotage Trump” (Abbr: _ _ _).

Red 32. President pulled U.S. out of this bad international group we mostly funded (Abbr: _ _ _).

Blue 32. President-to-be Biden plans reversing Trump moves against this U.N. health agency (Abbr: _ _ _).

Red 33. Esteemed Senator from South Carolina; Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee (Init.).

Blue 33. Fearing S.C. Senate challenger Jaime Harrison, he defended Dr. Fauci from Trump attacks (Init.).

Red 35. Ex-NYC Mayor personally defends POTUS from Dems, lawyers, Me-Tooers, other kooks (Init.).

Blue 35. Personal lawyer/shrill led Trump’s effort digging up Ukraine dirt on President-to-be Biden (Init.).

Red 36. Everything about House Speaker smacks of abhorrent S.F. values (Init.).

Blue 36. House Speaker who faced down Trump when he stupidly shut down government (Init.).

Red 37. Florida property at which POTUS golf, relaxes and entertains: “Mar-a- _ _ _ _.”

Blue 37. Befitting a huckster capitalist, Trump reaps publicity and profit going to Mar-a- _ _ _ _.” 




1) TEST; 2) EP [Environmental Protection]; 3) TU [Trump University]; 5) EAST; 6) HILLARY; 7) CNN [Cable News Network]; 10) COLLUSION; 11) JK [Jared Kushner]; 12) JB [Joe Biden]; 15) FLYNN; 16) MM [Mitch McConnell]; 18) EGG; 19) DS [Debbie Stabenow]; 20) NINTH; 21) PUTIN; 23) BARR; 26) ER [Emergency Rooms]; 27) WALL; 28) GF [George Floyd]; 34) GA [Georgia].


1) TWEET; 4) NEWS; 8) RICAN; 9) SH [Sean Hannity]; 13) ROCKET; 14) BILL; 17) REALDONALDTRUMP; 22) US [United States]; 23) BG [Bader Ginsburg]; 24) UN [United Nations]; 25) NEW; 29) LIE; 30) NRA [National Rifle Association]; 31) FBI {Federal Bureau of Investigation]; 32) WHO [World Health Organization]; 33) LG [Lindsey Graham]; 35) RG [Rudy Giuliani]; 36) LAGO.

Author: Ken Hogarty

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