The Best Countries for an Art and Design Tour

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 And, just in case you are an art fan and you do not know where to start, keep scrolling. This article is also going to be giving you the best art and design places that you can go to after the COVID 19 travel ban is lifted.


Other than the food and the beautiful women, Brazil has so much more to offer for those art lovers. In general, the landscaping of the whole country is on point and quite intriguing for art lovers. And, if you are very observant, you will have a lot to take in from the landscaping alone.

But, visit Curitiba for the best experience of everything.  The city has one of the most beautiful and well laid out gardens in the world. And, they also happen to be the best places for the best vacation pictures.


This country is well known for the best pasta ,pizza dishes and  meilleurs jeux casino  players in the world. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your wallet is packing. On top of the food and winery, Italy has the best landscaping in the world.

 There is so much art going on in Italy. After all, you can even find some of the work on buildings and different sites around the city. Meaning you should be prepared to have an art overload from the different beautiful works in the country.


There is no doubt that China is beautiful. Most pictures of the different cities in China will require a double take. China is one of the most developed countries in the world and you can clearly see that from the different intricate designs that are splurged around the country. All we can say is that you have to visit the place yourself for an even much better appreciation.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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