Las Vegas vs. Macau: How They Compare?

When you think of gambling or blackjack, your mind goes to Las Vegas, the king of casinos, and “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Las Vegas is one of the best places to go to gamble, since it is rich in entertainment for those who want to go big or play it safe.

But, if the statistics assembled by Casino Sites are to be trusted, it seems that Las Vegas is not the only big shot in the casino world anymore.

Casinos in Macau, an autonomous territory in the People’s Republic of China, have proven to be bigger and possibly better than the ones in Vegas. In fact, they already have revenues that have shot past the earnings of Vegas!

Macau opened in 2002; and ever since then, it has been a tourist destination for international tourists looking to try their hand at cards or the slots. Since then 2002, it has flourished; and the people of Macau have started to build more and larger casinos.

Due to Macau’s growth and popularity, a handful of the well-known casinos have decided to branch out there too.

How do these two cities compare for gambling?

In this piece, I’ll outline the differences of gambling cultures between Las Vegas and Macau, so you can decide which experience you want for yourself, of course remember that Las Vegas will always have the best options from Although you ultimately go to casinos for the gambling itself, the atmosphere and culture of the places differ significantly, ultimately offering a completely different experience.

The Gambling Norms

In The United States, gambling is almost tantamout to a casual sport. People set aside at least $700 they plan to lose or to use on drinks while they’re visiting. On average, a gambler in Vegas spends at least $20 on the slots, just for the sake of the free drinks.

In Macau’s casinos, the atmosphere is less entertaining. People who come to Macau’s casinos are serious gamblers, and come purely for that reason. In Vegas people come for the entertainment and fun, while in Macau it’s more of a financial venture.

Overall, Macau is less expensive than Vegas. Vegas is more casual, and you can choose if you want to go there purely for the entertainment and not gamble too much, or the other way around; but the cost of living is quite high.

Since Macau attracts more serious gamblers, people with serious money come not to have fun, but to win.The minimum bets in Macau’s casinos are almost double what you can find in Vegas. Even so, the accommodation and food are cheaper.

At the end of the day, it’s your own individual gambling experience that matters. Ask yourself: do you want to do serious gambling in Macau, or have a more laid back entertainment experience in Vegas?

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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