Comic Books to Expect in 2018

2018 is filled with many exciting comics that are set to hit brick and mortar stores as well as online shops. The previous year was a great year for comicsm and we predict that things will continue to get better.

2017 delivered some of the biggest comic breakthroughs, including My Favorite Thing is Monsters, Mister Miracle, and Spinning. Did you know that there are online casinos games that come with free spins? Find hundreds of pokies. Dates of some the comic book release dates are already out.


A comic book by Saladin Ahmed has a release date of January 24, 2018. BOOM! Studios is publishing the comic. Saladin Ahmed is well known for his award-winning poetry and fiction work including Marvel’s Black Bolt. Undoubtedly, this is an intriguing comic book that is expected to take the lead from on his existing back catalogue. He never disappoints.

Ahmed teamed up with prolific artist Sami Kivela to work on Abbott. The supernatural crime comic storyline is based on a female journalist of color staying in Detroit during the 1970s. She starts digging into crimes that are ignored by the Detroit police department.

American Gods: My Ainsel

The Dark Horse comic book is set for release on March 14. It is written by P. Craig Russell, with art from Scott Hampton. American Gods: My Ainsel is based on Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel. The story is being brought to life by this comic book. If you love the TV show of American Gods, visit your local comic shop after the release. It is not surprising that soon there may be real money slots with the same title.

Cold War

Cold War is an interesting fictitious comic to be published by Aftershock Comics on February 14. It is written by Christopher Sebela, and the art is done by Hayden Sherman, who was named one of the best artists of 2017. The publisher says that the storyline, combined with its electric colors, makes Cold War outstanding. Cold War will go on sale for $3.99. The comic has 32 pages.

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