Poetry About, and Poetry By

Tomorrow, we’ve got a great treat for you!

Stalwart Glossy News contributor rfreed has some Sarah Palin poems.

Have you ever thought about writing in the persona of someone else?

For satire, it’s one thing to write poems about someone.

But you can also write humorously in someone else’s (entirely fictionalized voice).

There are so many opportunities for this.

You can be Trump, and complain about how the pure evil bought & paid liberal MSM just burnt your toast and made sure you can’t get a mistress.

You can be the ISIS caliph, and sing the blues about how misunderstood you are, and show everyone your true gentle, sensitive soul of a poet.

You can be Putin, clarifying what you were doing in the bar in Moscow late 3 am when rumors started circulating. Nooooooo no drama! No-no-no-drama, drama!

But this is also a time-honored art form.

The scholar Benjamin Jowett taught at Oxford in the 19th century. The naughty rhyme ran as follows:

Here come I, my name is Jowett.
All there is to know I know it.
I am Master of this College,
What I don’t know isn’t knowledge!

So there you go!

What other examples of this kind of writing do you know?

What funny (or otherwise interesting) ‘poetry for’ do you know, and how does it stack up against the ‘poetry about’ the same figure?

And do you have some of your own?

Feel free to comment below; but if you want us to publish anything, please email wallacerunnymede@gmail.com

Thanks, and we hope some of you will have some great ideas!



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