SJWs Embrace Diversity with their Customary Consistency


Diversity is not up for debate! ALL MEANS ALL!
I’m 100% in favour of diversity, no exceptions!

Apart from Nazis, Tories, Republicans, libertarians, Chicago Economists, Austrian economists, Catholics, evangelical fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, CEOS, corporate polluters, carnivores, manspreaders, wife beaters, pimps, rapists, (ESPECIALLY manspreaders), New Atheists, secular humanists, edgy comedians, Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, Hyper Cacher shoppers, traumatized veterans, Daily Mail readers, Fox News watchers, Brexiteers, Islamophobes, anti-semite-shamers, the Mossad media, Zionist academic outposts, ignorant toothless hicks, backward Irish misogynistic wankers, Red State Fascists, freedom of speech absolutists, human rights activists, Corbynite tankies, Bernie Bros, racist Hollywood scriptwriters, right-wing antisemites (note the fairly obvious tautology!), Mussolini apologists, Stalinists, Assad apologists, Gaddafi apologists, Islamophobes, Ziotrolls, Trumpietrolls, evil Zioliberal collaborators, Islamophobes, Neoliberal apologists, Islamophobes, Islamophobaphobaphobes, Rhodes lovers, colonially minded university administrators, privileged straight white middle class opponents of trigger warnings, equally privileged ex-Muslim Iranian women, racist critics of the Myanmar and Hindutva ‘theocrats,’ and anyone else who hurts my precious, tender, not-so-privileged butthurt feels!


Anyone else?
STFU! Let me finish! I’ve barely even started!
But, I thought you said All means…
STOP TRIGGERING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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